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September 21, 2006

September 21

Today is an extremely important day for my family. It is first of all the day my sweet, wonderful husband was born 32 years ago. Secondly it is Daisy's original due date. I remember when we went to the doctor to do blood work after I got my positive test at home. The nurse said, "Oh yes, you are definitely pregnant. I'd say about seven weeks. That puts your due date at around..." As she looked at the "preggo wheel" I smiled at Paul, and somehow he already knew. She said, "September 21." Paul beamed and I said, "That's his birthday!"

Hee Haw Daddy!

We were so excited that the baby would be born on or around his birthday. Of course in my mind I was thinking, "yikes, can I handle two of them?" But really it seemed so special, so unlikely... this baby was meant to be.

You can imagine our shock when she tried to come on MY birthday in June. We joked (as we often do when we're scared or worried) that Daisy got the birthdays mixed up and thought she was due on MINE instead of Paul's. Luckily, our fireball decided to wait a bit longer and chose July 3 to make her entrance.

Even more special about this day is that Daisy is truly a one-year-old. She reminded us of this fact by waking up at 4am this morning intent on playing with my face and telling us all about the world in general in her Daisy babble. Paul said he swore she said, "I am one. I am one. I am one." Not sure if she's building complete sentences just yet, but who knows?


In a strange turn of events, Daisy's being early has actually allowed us to celebrate her birth on her dad's birthday. You see, if she had gone to term who knows what day she would have been born - this way we can always assume it would have been the 21st, Paul's b-day. Daddy and daughter can always share something special about today.

They are thick as thieves, these two. I love watching them play on the floor at night, or listening to her as she cackles loudly at whatever antics her daddy is pulling. Last night we were watching "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory," she simply laid with him on the couch, watching the movie and eating Cheerios. She was so content, so relaxed... so happy.

Paul and Daisy will always have a special bond, even beyond father and daughter. I think that's the greatest birthday gift ever.

Daddys Girl

Happy Birthday Paul, we love you.
Sam and Daisy

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