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September 06, 2006

September 6, the day Daisy came home

A year ago today we got the phone call we had been waiting 65 days to receive.

Well actually, I happened to call in during rounds and our favorite nurse Judy was there. When she answered and told me they were doing rounds I quickly said I'd call back later because I knew she wouldn't be able to talk. She said, "Oh no, hold on a sec. I think the doctor would like to talk to you."

My heart started to beat REALLY fast - was this it? Were they sending her home? Or had something bad happened? Ever the typical POP (parent of a preemie), waiting for the other shoe to drop.

He got on the phone and said, "Mrs. Janney? We're sending her home today. She's been here long enough and well, we're tired of having to watch her all the time." I CRIED! I CHEERED! I SCREAMED! If I had been there in front of the doctor I would have tackle-hugged him to the ground.

Our sweet, little baby girl was finally going to come home.

I thanked God, her guardian angel, the doctors, the nurses... heck, I think I thanked the mailman that day. I was so completely and utterly grateful.

We spent 65 days watching her learn to breathe, eat, grow and maintain her temperature in a hospital 45 miles away from our home. I sat by her isolette and rubbed her back on a day when she kept having spells and they suspected sepsis (although they never told me that until after she was discharged). Paul tried to hold and feed her when she would desat... we smiled and laughed when I was able to give her the first tub bath.

What felt like the longest time in our lives was finally coming to an end. Our daughter, OUR BABY, was coming home.

That day is etched in my mind, it seemed so surreal. When we got there Judy had packed up all of her things and had her "homecoming" outfit that I had picked out weeks before laid out for me to put her in. I cried and hugged Judy at least four-five times that day before we left, not only had she taken care of Daisy, she had taken care of Paul and I as well.

I remember going down in the elevator with her, fearful that someone would sneeze or sniffle. Walking through the lobby, finally a parent with a baby in a carseat. Getting into the truck and riding in the back with her on the hour long drive home. Paul kept looking at me in the rearview mirror as I watched Daisy's face to make sure she was breathing. He said he had never been so careful driving in his entire life.

When we got home I sat down on the couch with her - she was fast asleep. I whispered to her that this was her home. Paul smiled, looked a little nervous and said, "Sam, there's a baby in our house."

Our family was finally whole.

Today is Daisy's anniversary of coming home safe and sound to us, it is a day of celebration for us, and of triumph for her.

Peek a boo Pauly

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