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October 20, 2006

Snot and boogies be gone!

Daisy still has the sniffles. Her nose is plugged, she sneezes here and there, she has a little cough... man oh man, colds are NASTY! I think the fact that she got two shots at the very beginning of this cold have made it harder for her to overcome it. Two weeks ago she got her flu shot (thank goodness) and her MMR which is a hard shot for a baby who's feeling 100%. Plus, it IS her very first one ever - she was 15 months old before she got one cold! I think she's on the mend, slowly but surely.

Here are shots of her pre-sneeze and post-sneeze. :)


Daisy Girl

Even though she's not been 100% she has been crawling all over the house, playing, talking, reading her books. If she didn't have a snotty nose you wouldn't know the difference in her. One of her new favorite things is to stand up holding on to the dishwasher while I do dishes. I am not sure where this fascination with dishes comes from... must be a Wilson or Janney trait. ;) I keep telling her to wait until she's a little older, than she can do all the dishes she wants!

I am hoping that she is 100% before our trip out to Cheyenne next weekend - I'd hate to think that her ears were bugging her on the plane. This trip has snuck up on us so quickly!

Thank you as always for checking in with us - please say a little prayer for Daisy's boogies and snot to be gone and for safe travels for us next weekend.


Posted by sam at October 20, 2006 01:09 PM in Sam rant

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