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September 14, 2008

Sunday Morning with the Janney's

Doesn't the title of this blog sound like a sitcom? That's fitting, especially with the morning events I'd like to share, starring the Janney kids, as themselves.

Daisy and Paul were playing baseball in the house... yes, in the house. I can just see the other mothers and grandmothers who read this blog cringing, however, Paul is really good about how they play and so far nothing has been broken or destroyed. Daisy, in her Colorado Rockies ball cap and purple Barbie nightgown with wispy "wings" around her waist, would throw the ball to Paul (left-handed no less!), then "run the bases," slide into home and chirp up, "I'm a ballerina!"

School Daisy

While they were playing ball, Caleb was finishing up his breakfast of a biscuit, eggs, pancakes and apple juice by spitting the apple juice out and making raspberries in the process. I decided they both needed a bath (especially Caleb) and started running the water with bubbles, thank you very much. I said, "Daisy, you want a bath?" And she said, "no, I play baseball."

Well, Caleb was getting in either way (the boy was rank). Luckily Paul convinced her to take a bath by telling her that all baseball players take baths.

After a good scrub down, she and Caleb were both soaking in the large, jacuzzi tub that is supposed to be mine (that's another story) and playing with the toys that we have seen fit to dump in with them. One of these said toys was a plastic shark. Daisy was helping the shark swim around the tub and it was at this point that Caleb decided to stand up. No sooner had he stood up than Daisy sort of stuck the shark into his hind quarters. He hardly noticed but I found myself saying, "Daisy, please don't put the shark up your brother's butt."

Bbass Shock

If you had told me years ago that I would ever say anything about a shark being up someone's butt...

These are truly the moments that make you realize that kids rule. :)

I hope the world is treating you well dear reader, and thanks as always for checking in with the Janney's!

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