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March 18, 2008

Taking a break from the kids in Las Vegas

Ok, ok, we haven't been very good about updating our family blog. In fact we had a naked front page for awhile - yikes! Yes, we are slackers, but slackers who are very busy these days with Sam's new job, two kids and good 'ol PJ working from home. Wait a minute, I guess that last one really isn't an excuse for lack of posting. In fact, it should prompt me to write more. Strange :)

Latest and greatest news. The kids. Both Daisy and Caleb are growing, eating and pooping like any old average kid does these days. It's the cool thing you know. Daisy broke the 25lb mark a few weeks ago, which is a big deal for the Queen of Preemies. She's also crazy tall and skinny...just like her dad was until the freshmen 15, errr 20, umm 25 occurred in college. Caleb on the other hand is just a monster of a kid. His next Dr., appt., is in April and at that time we'll find out his current weight/height. Sam and I are guessing he's pushing 25lbs himself. Our sore backs tell us that. Any over/under guesses?

As for Sam and I, we just got back from a much deserved vacation to our dessert oasis - Las Vegas. As most of you know we used to visit once, even twice a year before we had kids so it was nice to get back. We stayed at the Signature MGM Grand, which was absolutely perfect. It's smoke free, non-gaming and private. This means no crowds. A rarity in Vegas. We also took in the Phantom of the Opera at the Venetian, made numerous trips downtown and did some serious shopping.

The highlight of the trip out was our unexpected meeting with world-renowned fashion designer Michael Kors of Project Runway fame. We just happen to be cruising a new shopping area, where he has a store, and low and behold there he was. Michael was very approachable and happy to take a photo with us. Check it out...

paul michael kors sam

Yes, in the background, that's his very "fierce" store in the Palazzo. We think it also helped that both Sam and I had on our dapper dudes as he did check out what we were wearing before the photo was taken. Lastly, for the geeks out there, the photo was taken with my new phone. Not bad, eh?

Overall, just a wonderful trip out that we hope to do again soon and visit family and friends the next time out. Hope you are doing well and thanks for reading our family blog!

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