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April 04, 2005

The hits keep on coming

First off, yes, we're back from our Wyoming vacation and have both begun the re-hydration process and have already unpacked in record time. It was a great trip out west that saw not only one, but two baby shower parties come to fruition. Mad thanks to everybody that was involved in pulling that off! It was all, very much appreciated. Now, onto the update...

March was quite a busy month for janneyfamily.com as we registered 38,600 hits. Granted, these numbers aren't for unique visitors, but it's still a pretty cool number when you consider the fact the site went live only two months ago. I think for all of February we had only 2,000. The site has also received feedback from one Civil War author and two profs of Civil War history. It's even forced my parents to be online more. Sorry pops for taking time away from the Drudge report.

As for what's next, Sam and I hope to stick with the site updates at least through the baby's due date and I for one, will try to get some more pics online and maybe some new features as well. As with anything, it all comes down to time and resources.

Thanks for the support!

Posted by paul at April 4, 2005 01:41 PM in Paul rant

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