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November 26, 2005

Tukey day at Janney manor

First off - Go BRONCOS! What a win on Thursday, eh? I for one always enjoy an extra helping of stress on Thanksgiving and for the second time in the history of Denver football, they more than provided it with an OT victory over Dallas. Both the Mrs., and I donned our Bronco jerseys on Thursday morning, usually a sure fire jinx in the world of sports, but all was well at the end of OT following Elam's chippie from the five. The Orange Crush come away atop the AFC at 9-2. Now we get to kick back and watch the rest of the AFC West play catch-up.

As for dinner, it was sad not having the folks in town, but changes in schedules led to the late minute scratch from the list of attendees. Sam, Daisy and I pressed on and made the best of it with a full Thanksgiving dinner including grandma Eileen's famous red & white salad, sweet potatoes, upside down turkey and the ever popular pumpkin pie topped with Sam's homeade whip topping. What a feast!

As for Daisy, her Turkey day meal consisted of 3-ounces of Infamil Lipil formula with iron. I swear, somedays you can hear that kid growing. On Friday she took her first big girl bath in her tub. Big girl is code for no more baby swing needed to support her when bathing due to her size now. I'll just step aside and let the pic do the talking. Stay classy San Diego.


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