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November 01, 2007

Two Halloween ghouls and two parents

We like Halloween. OK, what I meant to say was we LOVE Halloween. We even got married on October 30...eight years for those counting. Wednesday was no exception as Sam and I took the day off from work and devoted it to some quality haunting time with our two ghouls Daisy and Caleb, or as Daisy calls him, B-Bass. Funny, not sure where that name came from, but he's stuck with the moniker now. Onto the goodies...

As for costumes, Daisy, who was dressed as a purple leopard due to a last minute Care Bear costume malfunction, actually got in two rounds of trick-or-treating. One at Sierra Trading Post and the other after dinner in my old neighborhood. B-Bass on the other hand was decked out in his bear costume, which barely fit but held up fine for his purposes of simply posing and being cute. Overall the kids seem to have a great time and Daisy had no problems reaching into candy bowls and taking one, two, three and sometimes four pieces of candy. I think it became a game. No bowl, no interested kid is how the day transpired.

So what did mom and dad do? Well, besides escorting Thing 1 and Thing 2 as they chugged along the trick-or-treat trail, Sam spent time recovering from a cold and I decided to volunteer for my beloved Knights of Pythias Haunted House. It was a special guest appearance by the evil clown which was received with open arms by some of my old friends there. My first year working the house was 1994. Hard to believe it's been that long.

Last, but not least here's a pic of the family including fully costumed out kids. Happy Halloween!

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