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February 08, 2006

What I've learned

Today as I was sitting in the bath tub making my hair into horns so my kid would laugh and coo at me while she sat in her swing, I realized that in the last 7 months I have learned quite a bit about being a mom. I have a LOT to learn, but I can't believe the things I know now that 8 months ago I had no clue about.

I learned...

That I would do anything for this little girl. If the neonatologist had come into my room after Daisy was born and told me that she would be fine, breathe on her own, have no complications and could go home in two days if only I'd cut my right arm off, I'd have volunteered.

Daisy Janney rag head

That there is no sweeter sound than a baby cooing and giggling at you for no apparent reason.

That even on the most tired of days one smile and twinkle from Daisy and I wake right up.

That the amount of sleep you get as a parent is irrelevant.

That even when Daisy sleeps through the night I do not because I'm worried that for one reason or another she's not up. Isn't she hungry? Wet? Doesn't she need her mom?

That there is comfort in knowing Daisy has a great dad, and ultimately will end up as Daddy's Little Girl.

That the best sleep I ever have is when I know daddy is up with our little girl, that she is being well taken care of.

That no matter how many doctors and nurses tell me that although shots are painful they're good for her I STILL and probably always will cry when they poke her.

That there is nothing harder to watch then big tears travel down Daisy's cheek, and not being able to make her feel better instantly. Better yet, keep her from ever having to cry.

Most of all I have learned that there is no harder job in this world, and that there is no greater reward than knowing deep down that her daddy and I brought her into this life and that we will hold her hand as she travels through it.

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