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April 28, 2006

What's Up Doc?

Daisy has a new pediatrician who is simply WONDERFUL. It has been a long road finding someone we feel comfortable with who understands how to communicate with parents of premature children, but I believe that we have found him.

We visited his office on Tuesday for a well-baby-check and immunizations. We also thought she would have a final synagis shot, but since the RSV season is truly over here in California it was decided that she would not need a shot for April. Whoohoo! What this means for Daisy is that starting in May she will have three months without ANY pokes! This is the first time in her life that she's been able to go a month without at least one shot. :)

Pouty Daisy

She weighed in at 15 1/2 pounds and is 27" long! She grew a half an inch in two weeks! And ladies and gentleman, we are officially ON the "normal" growth chart. Her height, even for a 9-month-old is at the 40% and her weight is at the 20%! We are through the roof on the preemie growth chart.

He was very respectful of her space, sitting on the other side of the room so she could get used to him before he examined her. She was allowed to sit in my lap for the entire examination, which Daisy and I both really liked. During this exam he did make note of something no other doctor has seen and that is her thigh creases on the backs of her legs are uneven.

We were scheduled for an xray to make sure her hips were even, which was a little scary for us but ultimately a great thing because if something was wrong we'd need to catch it early. I'll end the suspense here though folks, we went for xrays on Wednesday and her doctor called me within two hours of taking the xrays to tell us that her hips are perfectly normal. :) Shew!

They did a blood test to check her iron levels. This also made us a bit nervous since it was anemia in the NICU that gave her so much trouble. Again, this wonderful office took the blood and had the results for us within a few minutes - she has PLENTY of iron. The nurse said she has "enough and then some." WHOOHOO!

Here's the biggest news of all... he has given us the green light to introduce Daisy to the public. HELLO WORLD! Part of me is very excited to include her in "real" life, to not be confined to our home any longer (we have been under "lockdown" since Daisy came home on Sept 6 last year), but the other part of me is terrified to expose her to "real" life. We are going to take it slow, perhaps take her to a restaurant that isn't busy, to the mall early in the day, to the store early in the day. We'll get there.

What a journey so far! And to think, we're just getting started. :)

Daisy Loves Blocks

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