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February 17, 2006

You are only as good as your last state

Anybody that knows Sam and I are aware of our nomadic lifestyle. In the past seven years we've lived in four different states including: Wyoming, Colorado, Wisconsin and most recently California. During this time something funny happens when you relocate and start to socialize with your new counterparts.

What you quickly realize is that you're associated and known for the last state you lived in. For example, now that we're in California, I've been asked if I'm a Packers fan, no, am I fan of the Badgers, yes, or Marquette, no, and last, but not least, can I get bring some curds in, maybe? And when I lived in Wisconsin, I was constantly harassed about the Broncos, having never been privy to a real winter, which never occurred in Wisconsin either, and amazed at the fact I'd never had or heard of a curd - so it goes. Most people in Wisconsin had never heard of a Jackalope or Rocky Mountain Oysters either.

Now the real kicker is that I'm a Wyoming native and Sam is from the Show Me State of Missouri. Not that anybody cares as this is secondary to the last state you lived in.

It's gotten so bad, I'm actually contemplating making up a new "formerly lived in state" every time I meet somebody new. It might be kind of fun to hail from Vermont or Kansas next time just to here "do you know Ben or Jerry?" Or, "What's it like living where Dorothy is from?"

Oh well, just had to post about this odd social behavior I'm noticing. This, coupled with the fact my sister found this reaction from people pretty hysterical, made this an easy subject to waste 10-minutes on.

A few other shout outs before I log off.

1. Happy belated Birthday to this site! 1-year-old yesterday. Read Sam's first post that day.

2. Get well soon (great) Grandma Wilson!

Posted by paul at February 17, 2006 09:14 PM in Paul rant

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